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TOP TEN REASONS FREE CAN COST YOU. Return on Investment The Hidden Cost of Free: Why Investing in a Paid LookBookLink Digital Business Card Pays Off. Reason #1: Return on Investment It’s tempting to opt for free solutions like social media pages or static business card templates, after all, who doesn’t like free? However, what many […]

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TOP TEN REASONS FREE CAN COST YOU. Lead Capture and Management: In the world of networking, capturing contact information from prospects and leads should be seamless and frictionless. Broadcasting your information is great, getting contact information back from your leads is even better. That’s another advantage LookBookLink offers its members that social media pages and

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TOP TEN REASONS FREE CAN COST YOU.​ Instant Access & Sharing: Your LookBookLink is stored as an app icon or bookmark it on your mobile phone. Say goodbye to the days of being caught in a meeting without your business card. LookBookLink ensures that your information is readily available whenever and wherever you need it.

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TOP TEN REASONS FREE CAN COST YOU.​ Privacy Protection: Unlike free ad-based models that often sell user information to third parties, LookBookLink prioritizes the privacy and security of member data. Information is handled with strict confidentiality and is not shared with advertisers or other external entities. We’ve created an industry-best privacy bill of rights to

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TOP TEN REASONS FREE CAN COST YOU.​ Always Visible Call to Action: All marketing activity should act as a “sales funnel” to the action you want viewers to take. Furthermore the desired action should be easily available. With LookBookLink, your call to action is always front and center. Whether it’s directing prospects to your website,

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TOP TEN REASONS FREE CAN COST YOU.​ Real Time Updates: Keep your contacts informed and up-to-date with real-time updates. If you make changes to your LookBookLink, such as updating pictures or contact information, the recipients who have previously received your card will automatically see the updates. No more outdated or irrelevant information! Number 5 Blog

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TOP TEN REASONS FREE CAN COST YOU. Team Collaboration: A team membership option allows businesses of any size to preload their team’s digital business cards with consistent branding and messaging. This ensures a cohesive and professional representation of your company across all team members. Number 6 Blog Index LookBookLink Home Join LookBookLink

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TOP TEN REASONS FREE CAN COST YOU.​ Analytics & Insights: A digital must have. When it comes to networking and making lasting connections, a paid digital business card, such as LookBookLink, proves to be a game-changer compared to free alternatives like social media pages or static business card templates. One of the key advantages of

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TOP TEN REASONS FREE CAN COST YOU.​ Interactive Features: Unlike a static image or template, LookBookLink offers interactive features that engage users. This includes clickable links to your website, social media profiles, and other relevant online resources, providing a seamless user experience and a funnel to the sale. Number 8 Blog Index LookBookLink Home Join

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