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Van Michael Salon has partnered with LookBookLink to offer you a “team layer” which gives you 90% of the content you want for your LookBookLink. The Van Michael Team Layer allows your team to stay brand and message consistent while also allowing you to personalize your LookBookLink with profile and portfolio photos. With company provided photos, graphics, videos, and links, you’ll start connecting better with your clientele and developing more regular clients as well.

In short, LookBookLink with the Custom Van Michael Team Layer is your single link to connect all Van Michael Content while directing the audience to the action you want them to take – booking their next appointment with you!

Soon you’ll be sharing your link via text, email, blogs, websites, social media posts and bios. We even provide a custom QR code for sharing directly under your contact info. ***Click the QR and it pops up.

***One note: Only your specific salon address and phone number should be added to your LookBookLink. The purpose of this is so that your clients can remember you can request an appointment with you without bothering you with texts, calls, and emails. You can add your specific salon address and phone with the settings>>edit page. The Direct Phone Number field has been disabled for all Van Michael LookBookLinks.

Please take a moment to do these quick steps and you’ll be set:

1. Verify Your Email Address

2. Customize your @name

3. Add your Profile Photo, Salon Phone, and Salon Mailing Address in Settings>>Edit

4. Add a few portfolio photos (optional)

***Always make sure to scroll down and click “update” after making changes.

5. Bookmark your LookBookLink

When you signed up you should have received an email asking you to click “Verify Email” to insure you’ve entered an accurate email. Please click the button in your email them login with the email and password you created. 

***Log in at to edit your LookBookLink

Click the buttons below to either register your Van Michael LookBookLink account or learn how to set yours up quickly after verifying your email. Email us if you have questions or issues with the process.

This is a 2 minute video clip that shows how to share your LookBookLink and save it as an app to mobile home screens:
Direct Link to your 2 minute set up video: 
If you need help we are always available via
Thanks, we look forward to your success!
Team LookBookLink

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